Original Crypto Coin Brand Package

A brand in a week

originalcryptocoin.com (also.io) is one of our clients who had a requirement for a rapid turnaround and a complete brand package. We were able to generate logos, videos, and a whole website in a week.

Sometimes speed also generates some decent results

With the volume of airdrops and new coins, it’s pretty easy to dismiss the hype.  This coin is different.  It was never hyped, it was never ‘sold.’  It’s stated goal is to make an ERC20 token that people can use to both learn how ERC20 coins work, as well as to generate a currency for use in apps and developer projects (by the way, if you’re a developer, check out their telegram channel and get involved).

What we did was, the logo, several video intros, the entire website (less the content), and assisted in building the community around the coin.  The team is pretty stellar so if you want to learn more, go look.

Let us know if you need some assistance on a similar project.  Hopefully, the turnaround time is a little greater.  It’s expensive to make us work fast and right.

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