Logo Reveal for Lib’s Cafe in Salem, Ohio

A little town in Ohio isn’t the kind of place many people think of when they think of world-class eats, but these folks will give you pause to consider your preconceived notions.  They have a chef that’s amazing and not at all ashamed to try unorthodox things, but the real awesomeness of the place is the fact that it’s one of those hidden gems you might be lucky to find on a trip through the area.

What we did was took a slice of stock footage of a typical latte, used a bit of motion tracking, and pinned their logo to the tracked footage with some overlay magic.  The results are pretty cool if you ask me.  Can they do this to your latte?  I have no idea.  Odds are, no.  If they can that just makes them more awesome than we thought.

What do you think of it?  We know this kind of thing is somewhat unique now but as more folks figure out how to do it, you’ll see a lot more of them floating around (pun intended).

Welcome to the new hotness

First post on the brand new layout.  It’s not flashy or miraculous but it is first.

We decided we were long overdue for a facelift.  Our old layout didn’t inspire and the old system was dated and quite frankly had become ugly to us.  We have a lot more work to do on this version, but it’s done to the point where we’re not ashamed of it.  We decided to go with a clean look and a single page front.  The reasons are mostly psychological.

Most people, when looking for something creative look at everything, the whole landing page, before reading more than a few words.  The idea is, nothing on the page is worth reading if it isn’t presented well.  That seems logical considering we’re asking you to pay us to make your site look amazing.  Physician, heal thyself.  The main issue with this type of complete redesign is time.  It’s time you don’t bill and as such, we can tend to overlook it.

The pain of keeping it the same was finally overshadowed by the pain of making it new.  Look at your website.  Which pain is winning?  Is it time to move on?  If your answer is yes, please give us an opportunity to take a swing.  Head on over to our contact page and use the method you like best to reach out.  Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing you need us unless you say something.  Don’t be shy because we hate getting bored.  We sit and think about new and better ways to present your business while making the job of running it just a little easier.

It’s what we do.

In the meantime, let us know what you think and how we can improve.  Now that everything is neatly arranged, we’ll keep making it better.  Nothing is ever finished, just done enough for now.

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