Facebook Cover Videos are Good for Business

Do you have a Facebook cover video yet?

MINGMag.com is one of our clients who is an early adopter of the Facebook Cover Video feature. In fact, they had one created and uploaded the day the feature launched. They’re on their second as of now.

Why you should take advantage

As video producers, we naturally feel the advent of Facebook Cover Videos is a big deal.  It gives you an edge over the competition because you can do so much more with your cover than those not using videos.

You can leverage your potential customer’s natural tendency to actually view short videos.  The guidelines Facebook offers are that the video should be at least 20 seconds long but no longer than 90 seconds, at least 820 pixels wide.  The rest is technical stuff that we recommend you read if you want to try doing it yourself.

We hope you ask us to help.  If you do, you won’t regret it.

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